Thursday, July 29, 2010

Weird Dream

Ok, this is not an interesting post but I post it here cos it involves my Queen Juju ;P
Ok, here's my weird short dream:

I was sort of in a big room, I would say probably a hallway, alone. I ddn't know where to go and I remember walking aimlessly around until I reached the lobby area. I couldn't remember the details, only remember that I saw Justine coming out together with a group of ppl. But then my dream suddenly doesn't include me being there anymore or should I say I bcame the invisible ghost and the dream only focused on Justine.

I ws curious as to why there were so many ppl surrounding Justine and I followed them until they reached a place where it was a big field in the stadium. And guess what? The match started soon but oops, Justine was not playing Tennis, she's in a soccer tournament! It was like not long after the match started did Justine received a very god pass from her team mate and she dribbled past a few opponents and then she kicked the ball to the right of the goalpost. And SHE SCORED!!!

Everyone cheered! And Justine's team won by that point. Then my dream like fast forward to a score board, where there's also a list of draw and also the scorers' names and their no. of scores. There's one super human who scored 16 goals whom I dun bother to remember the name. Justine got on the list with that 1 goal, but she's much better than most players who scored none.

Then, I woke up. It's a pretty lame and no link dream, but most of my dreams are like that. This is probably the second time I've dreamt of her. The first time I've forgotten about it. Though this is a short dream and seems boring but to me, having able to dream about Justine, has make my day bright and full of energy! Allez!

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