Tuesday, January 8, 2013

More photos of Ju in Kim's farewell programme

Thank you Danielle for sharing the photos link and thank you 7sur7 for sharing the photos!
I've only saved those that have Justine inside, if you want to see the full set of photos with more kim and other players, here's the link: http://www.7sur7.be/7s7/fr/8020/sports/photoalbum/detail/1548292/1208489/0/Du-beau-monde-pour-les-adieux-de-Kim.dhtml

Here's the "Ju-filtered" photos in big sizes! I love them!
Wow, fierce Justine! Benoit is checking on her to see what's wrong? 
Ju:"I say, I can't wait for my baby to come out and then we'll talk about kids stuff in the future!" 
Ju(smiles):"My baby just kicked me" ~rubs rubs her tummy
Hmmm? Bouquet of flowers for who? It's shaped like the "enlarged botanical torch" of the statue of liberty 
Ah, I see..it's for lovely Justine! If Ju had wore her olympic "leaves and twigs" hat, it would look kinda "holy" (no offense, but I'm not good in describing things with my private limited dictionary)-refer to the pic below:
This is the "ring hat" I'm referring to...what do you call it? 
Ah chatting with the royals! 
Is this one of the rare moments where Ju and Benoit get to chat with the royals? Both ladies listen attentively to what Mr Cute is saying ^^ 
Justine, turn and look at the camera please 
What a cute big eyes couple! I'm finding Mr Bertuzzo more and more handsome! 
What, what? What are you two laughing about? Care to share? 
I've pasted this disco dancing kim photo b4 in the previous posts 
Yay! Smiling Juju and the guy besides Mr cute looks like Mr cute as well, just my own opinion 
The belgian wave~Allez once! 
Allez twice! Featuring Justine's artistic hands 
Ju:"More like I need your baby tips, kim!" 
Kim:"Hahaha sure sure I will give you tips, let me hug you first!" 
Now comes the serious Benoit 
Yay! I've got an olympic liberty torch to be added to my collections! 
So where am I supposed to go now? Ah~mon amour!
Everyone looking so serious, look at those eyes of Justine! I actually miss them on court 
I actually laughed a little at this photo of Justine, sorry Justine but you're looking mischievous planning a prank? Hehehe~ ok it's not the first time I've been a bad fan...oops! 
now it's time for Benoit to listen to the ladies talk 
Only Mr Benoit is looking at the other direction 
Just like when we were young, remember? 
Yes of course I remember... 
Now a muacks muacks for you Justine!
Thank you Justine for coming, claps claps! 
Where's my cute Justine's face? 
Ah better, can see both of their faces!

And Justine just posted something on her facebook!
She seems to be writing her post in french for the recent tweets...but it's alright, another motivation for me to learn French!! And I don't exactly find Bing translation to be good at all

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