Sunday, May 19, 2013

Justine For Kids Press Conference (news+pics+videos!)

Finally, we get to see Justine again! And she had updated the status on her facebook as well:
Looks interesting for the caves run paths

There are many news from the Belgian media, I will just post some of the links here, (thanks to danielle for sharing the news as well):
Justine For Kids organized a charity marathon on 23 June. For more details, please refer to Justine for kids website: 

In the news using google translation:

Mom for two short months of a little girl healthy, Justine Henin is more sensitive to the cause of sick children.

Retired tennis level since January 2011, mother of a little Lalie since March 20, Justine Henin discovered every day a little more "real life." Without nostalgia about his career and the desire to do good around her, in her home first, and more widely to benefit less fortunate children.

"I feel very fulfilled, very happy. Having your first child is a unique experience. I saw an extraordinary period, obviously far from what I experienced before, notes the former champion about her role as mother. Okay, it's also sometimes sport, especially at night, but what fun! In fact, I quickly said yes, Benedict (note: Bertuzzo her companion) is thought to expand later the family. But first we want to enjoy the presence of Lalie. This motherhood has changed my outlook on life and my career.I'm lucid without really realizing, being 100% concentrated on tennis, I lived in a microscopic world. And very egocentric.Lalie expanded my horizon. "

Her pregnancy and the arrival of her little girl also helped her to realize her desires over her association "Justine For Kids", which helps sick children in Belgium.

"I remember doing activities with children in pain while I was pregnant, full of uncertainty or concern. Some smiles despite adversity have upset me and reassured: Of course, I wanted with all my heart a healthy baby, but these kids showed me that there could be happiness despite illness or disability. This has strengthened me in my desire to put my fame to such children through the association and its various activities (see below). I want to mobilize as many people, this is my way of make it worthwhile. After years at the center of a team is devoted to me, it was my turn to take care of others. I know this is the crisis that demands are growing, but the needs are there and children centers and hospitals referred deserve to be life a little easier and more enjoyable. "

Videos of Justine!!!

And a 4 minutes video here:

Justine "hiding" behind the JFK stand
The enlarged version
Definitely saw the change in Justine, shes looking more feminine, I get the feel of it
This is so cute! Peek-a-boo!
I love how brightly Justine smiles! So good to see you again Justine!
Looking at Justine's serious look, you can tell how committed she is for her projects in JFK
I wondered if Justine's gonna keep this hairstyle forever...I wish she has the same hairstyle when she went to Beijing to present the awards.
Justine looked a bit pale and tired...maybe still adjusting to the lifestyle of a newborn's mum. But her smile is as radiant as ever! Really a motherly look haha! Mama Ju!

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