Tuesday, February 4, 2014

10 Km des Grottes 2014 Open for Registration!

Hello, I'm back and happy cny to all Chinese from all over the world! Justine has been pretty quiet and leading a peaceful life but yesterday she had posted this on her facebook:

So apparently, Justine for kids marathon aka 10Km des Grottes is now open for registration! Belgians and any others can help to support this good cause by joining in the event here:

For more info, can refer to https://www.facebook.com/pages/10-km-des-grottes/136586013179846?fref=ts or JustineForKids website :)

I just found this photo on Belgapicture too (think they are attending some movie premiere?)
Oh Justine, why so serious? Should have smiled like Benoit (I think he has slimmed down alot, looking good!) Sorry Justine, you look like you're angry or something :-S

I know news about Ju will be lesser and lesser but it will not diminish my admiration and love for her. I am just too busy and lazy to update this blog but I hope this blog stays forever as a memorable memory <3 I will continue to update for as long as possible :)


  1. Hey Chia, I realised I didn't return my comment on one of your posts!

    Yes I know, Justine has not been in the media spotlight very much lately. She values her privacy, but I hope she can do some high profile things too. What happened to her and UNICEF - Am I missing something? Ju can still contribute to the wider tennis world and beyond, well she can do anything :)

    Ah the classic ponytail, I cannot forget as it was her signature court look. I always thought she looked pretty with her blonde hair long (I think I'm a nostalgia freak) although her shorter hair is classy and also motherly! I am liking her current hairstyle :) Now I just want to see her smiling again!

  2. Hi Sarah, I'm sure Justine didn't abandon her mission to help people. Maybe she didn't publicly make it known of her involvement in Unicef now but she's rather active in her own project- JustineForKids, which is also helping other people esp. the needy children :)
    I do miss her tennis and her ponytail and do occasionally watches her past matches but seeing her so happy and in peace with her life now as a happy mum with cute Benoit, I feel happy for her too, she is at least stress free from the court.

    I feel like blogging frequently but this March I have an exam for a very dry course which I haven't got any confidence in and need to study (hopefully my dying brain cells can still pick it up and work functionally well in the exam)

    Cheers to you and hope you are doing well too! Make more musics, go for your passion!