Sunday, June 1, 2014

Happy Birthday Justine + JustineForKids event

Dearest Justine, I wish you a happy birthday and may you enjoy this special day with your beloved family and friends, with happiness and good health and wealth! Loves you loads!
Here's a simple tennis ball cake for you:

Now onto JustineForKids news...Justine had posted a photo on her official facebook page:

"Justine For Kids @ Pairidaiza. Superbe journée remplie de sourires et de bonne humeur!"
"Justine For Kids @ Pairidaiza. Beautiful day filled with smiles and good mood!" (translated by Bing)
I think Justine looks very beautiful in this photo, I love her soft long hair~

She also shared 10Km des grottes page's photo:
Pls support her cause if you could attend this event! For more details:


  1. Hey Chia!
    I'm going to continue where we left off and up to the present blog posts :)

    About our last convo, it seems that power is power in the women's game, it's a shame how they try to be something that isn't unique. Exactly, the Williams sisters might look scary and hit the ball hard, but it's not something to aspire to - it won't make you successful anyway!

    On Stan's backhand, I agree, but maybe young players seeing more of this kind will make them want to try it out themselves and put their spin on it, perhaps more gracefully :) As long as it's art, I'm happy! Hence why Ju and Roger are the players that makes me happiest lol, and yeah their shots are pretty similar. Definitely haha, and Roger looks quite lean compared to Ju's muscles back then!

    Yeah, what I've watched of that match gave me goosebumps! Myskini did play so well, but Ju just kept pushing through her pain, kept her mind straight but listened to her heart.

    Benoit is indeed cute, he seems to be an open and easygoing guy but also to be serious enough. He definitely does speak with his eyes! I'm sure you also wish Ju was in the video too lol :)

    With your latest post - happy birthday Justine! Wow, I love her blonde long hair! It is a recent photo right? I think that's one the best looks I've seen of her lately, she's glowing!

  2. Hi Sarah,

    yup, I love Ju and Roger, a nice balance in the women and men game. Ju really was one determined girl to train herself harshly in return for more strength to win. Poor Ju, she doesn't have a gifted body but I'm glad she's living happily with her cute Benoit and Lalie now.

    I don't know how many times I've mentioned about Benoit being so cute hahaha, loves those big eyes that complement Ju's, can't wait to see Lalie's new photo if we ever get the chance to (though I don't think so under her mama's protective wings)

    Yup, sure enough I wish Ju was in the video joking with Benoit. It will be cuteness overload!

    As for the photo, I believe it's a recent photo of her, still love her growing long hair but not too long. She's always glowing inside out ^^