Thursday, July 17, 2014

Justine Henin wins the USOpen Tennis FB Poll!

US Open Tennis Facebook has a poll for us to vote on who has the best forehand, net game, backhand etc:
So when it comes to the category of best backhand, there was no contest ^o^, Ju wins the majority hearts with her beautiful artistic single backhand and hence is crowned as the Legends' best backhand!
This was the poll, respect to all legends! 
And this is the result! I'm only focused on Henin :)

Single backhand is really hard to control esp when you are running across the court and trying to hit a perfect backhand with a full swing of your body motion. Thus, I would certainly give it more points for aesthetic values as compared to double backhand, which is why Justine got my initial attention for her fantastic tennis. Of course, other than backhand, I simply love her tennis on the whole. I miss you, Justine Henin!

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