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Updates of Justine's news Mar-Apr 2015

My my, what have I been doing all these while? This blog is accumulating more spider webs than ever! Time to update some news of Justine to keep the spiders away!

This time round I'm gonna start from the earliest news to the latest, forcing you to read them all, Hahaha! (evil laughs)  Actually I just wanted to go in a chronological order, well, may not exactly be all in exact order though.
  1. Firstly, here's a post from Justine Henin Academy facebook with Ju in the photo:
Nice to see Indian students in her academy too!

2. Next is some charity event "Mithra Woman Race" which Justine is the godmother of it:

Here's the video link on facebook:

La Mithra Woman Race version liégeoise, c'est le 1er Mars, venez nombreuses!!! Pour vous booster, un petit message de notre marraine JUSTINE HENIN!
Posted by Mithra Pharmaceuticals on Wednesday, 11 February 2015
Another video on dailymotion:

Mithra Woman Race 1 mars by dvsanthon
3. Also from Justine Henin Academy photo, showing the news article in Romania, JHA is gaining international recognition, that's a good sign!:
4. Now, the most happy news for our Juju, our lovely Justine is finally married to Benoit on 25 October 2014! Now we can have the options to call her Mrs Bertuzzo, apart from the nicknames I have for her (motherly Juju, power lady, Tennis legend, Tennis Queen, etc)
Congrats to Benoi and Justine! Now, make another baby?

Below is Danielle's English translation of Sudpresse, merci beaucoup Danielle!
Marriage Corsica for Justine Henin.
The ex-number 1 world, 32-year-old, remarried in any discretion with Benoît Bertuzzo ( 44 years)
The former Belgian tennis player Justine Henin officially got married to Benoît, the father of her daughter Lalie whose life she shares for four years. The couple celebrated this union in October in Corsica, surrounded some close friends. An intimist marriage on the island of Beauty, with which they had fallen in love during previous holidays. Justine believes more than ever in this second wedding: " we always have several chances in a life "
I have never said that I would never remarry! It is not because that did not work when we are not entitled to the second luck ": October 25th of this year, Justine Henin ( 32 years) remarried! It has been today four years since she is completely in love with the director
Benoît Bertuzzo ( 44 ) and both young turtledoves will celebrate, on March 20th of this year, two years of their girl Lalie. " I did not imagine not to be married to the dad of my girl ", comments Justine. " I am maybe old-fashioned, but I believe in the marriage. I believe fundamentally in the union of two people who love each other. And it is not because I had once already passed by there, because I did not want any more of that. All right, the marriage offers no guarantee, but I remain persuaded that we always have several chances in a life and it is not because the first one failed that the following one is going to follow the same track... "
Justine Henin had got married first time, on November 16th, 2002, to Pierre-Yves Hardenne, while she was not still the big champion whom we were going to know. Less than five years later (in January, 2007), it was the separation.
" That seems to me so far today... I think that we were both far too young (she had 20 years old at that time, Editor's note) to assume all this. I have the impression that it was in another life, so much I am conscious of the fact that is the real life now. " If the news of her remarriage appears only today, it is that Justine is enormously anxious to protect her private cocoon. But when we are a public personality, as our ex--no1 world, everything eventually comes out...
" Benoît and Lalie do not have to suffer from what Justine Henin, the former champion, can again represent. Today, we are just a normal family... I hope that people can understand it. We did not thus want to state our marriage. We just celebrated it, in a small group, abroad. "
The continuation(suite) for Mr. and Mrs Bertuzzo-Henin? It will pass inevitably by the enlargement of the family. " I have never hidden that I wished that Lalie can, as me, share her child's dreams with a younger brother or a small sister. We think of it with Benoît, just like we again want to take advantage of the life for three. Lalie is not still at the school... Especially, we do not put ourselves pressure. That will come, that's it. "
Our little finger tells us that that will not delay any more too long. To be balanced, Justine always needed a frame in her life and projects in front of her. She married her new prince charming, she has just put back all her club of Limelette for renewing and from now on, she can take advantage completely of her new life of married and happy woman.
A first smart marriage
In November 16th, 2002: Justine Henin marries Pierre-Yves Hardenne, whom she met three years earlier. The ceremony takes place at first to the municipal administration of Marche-en-Famenne, then to the church of Marloie. She is 20 years old, him 22. The day aims to be simple but smart. Justine wears a signed dress Natan, the favorite fashion house of queen Mathilde. Pierre-Yves is in tails. They do not ask either for flowers or for presents, but donations for the association " Make a wish ".
The couple had met in 1998, when Justine put back to him a trophy during a local tournament. The tennis player explodes then in the Belgian competitions, then international. Pierre-Yves follows his wife on all the tennis courts between the trainings and the Grand Slam tournaments.
In 2007, Justine Henin gives up Open of Australia " for private reasons ".
A short time later, she officializes her separation with Pierre-Yves, in the general stupéfaction.
A family life épanouissante
Her balance, between Benoît and Lalie.
For four years, Justine Henin shares Benoît Bertuzzo's life, director and cameraman namurois of 44 years. The couple met in March, 2011, via common knowledge among which Bérénice, the presenter of RTL. " Benoît and I, we bring a lot. We have many things in common, but we also complement each other. It is a very rich, very well-balanced relation ", she explained about her couple. Sixteen months after their meeting, Justine announces her pregnancy.
On March 20th, 2013, she writes on the social networks: " we waited for her so much, that's it, in the afternoon a small fairy came to illuminate our life... Her name is Lalie, is on form and we are wild with joy! Justine and Benoît ".
Her daughter, the second pillar of this new family which brings today so much to the former champion. " It is clear that the maternity made me be reborn. It is maybe boat to be said, but maintaining that I became a mom, I have everything, and especially the health, for all my close friends ", she confided us last week. " When I have a blow of lung, I often think of that. I needed a frame and the coming of Lalie offered it to me. I do not deny my champion's life of front. It was intense in adrenalin, in self-sacrifice, in sports and incomparable success at the level of the gratitude and of the dream, but I like very much better my current life. What matters for me, today, it is to find the exceptional in the ordinary... "

5. Now a random article on Justine's contact lenses' shop
The woman looks familiar (of course, I'm not talking about Juju here), I think she appeared in some videos of Justine before? I could be wrong...

6. Information on Club Justine Henin:

Danielle's translation:
Sports and Relaxation
Sports of racket
Justine Henin club
CARDS(MAPS): google Maps
The Justine Henin club proposes 10 short brick-built outsides crushed, 6 short inside in Green Set and 3 short brick-built inside crushed.
It has a clubhouse and a restaurant as well as one of the most beautiful terraces of the region having seen on the outer grounds.
But beyond the quality of infrastructures, it is the quality of the welcome that is the priority objective of the Club Justine Henin. Smile, enthusiasm, heat are appropriate whether it is for the reception, for the bar, in the restaurant or on the court.
Justine Henin club
The Justine Henin club is opened to all and to all whatever is the age, the level and the objective of the person and proposes various types of subscriptions, activities and animations.
The Justine Henin club has a school of tennis which proposes various adapted programs and various animations about 1000 pupils a year.
Desire for a game of tennis, to have a drink, of a fitness, a good meal, lessons of tennis, advice of professionals? Come to the Club Justine Henin.
Justine Henin Academy
The Justine Henin Academy welcomes players of the whole world in the year and the trainees for week, one month or a quarter.
Since its creation in 2007, big champions and champions trained at " Justine Henin Academy " to be able to take advantage of installations and of the experience of Justine Henin and of her team.
Justine Henin Performance Center
The Justine Henin club also proposes a " Performance Center " ( fitness) proposing of "Personal Coaching" and physiotherapist's cabinet.
Performance to center is completely turned to the development of the potential "Health" and "Sportsman" of the people, the athletes who frequent it. It is opened to all and to all about is the age, the level and the objective.
Except its activities connected with Justine Henin Academy, Performance Center can put the person interested in touch with Personal Coach to guide you in your project.
Rent of material: no
By telephone in: 32 ( 0 ) 10 41 09 00 on the Internet by e-mail

7. Justine For Kids post:
"30 children have taught the djembé ( with cadence mandingue ) and tennis with the coaches The club justine henin ( thank you blaise, sandrine and damien ), Surrounded by justine and our volunteers ( kilja, violette, marc, benoit, leticia, julie ). A beautiful afternoon justine for kids as we like that ended around A good taste ≻ 3"
Practice, kids! 
This little girl loves to drum! 
Can you spot Juju?

"This afternoon stephane who too low, has been able to accompany us in lapland came to the club To receive from the hands of justine a gift he dared hope: Places in the vip for the concert violetta 13 march at the palais 12 And the cd to wait until then!
That emotion for both stephane and his mom that for justine and his team...
And what about that look between a mother and her son who have travelled so many hardships this Year!!!
That happiness that we give so much energy to accomplish our missions for sick children."
The moment that kid receives his gifts, everyone is all smiles :)
The gifts that he receives~Can I also have that autograph of Justine? She looks good! ^^
Thank you Justine!
There will always be a serious Juju in every series of photos
It's so heartwarming, isn't it? Good work JFK!

"Justine for kids finance a year of massage for the child seriously ill at the hospital or At home.

These massages will be given by the ' my hands for you ' which offers of massage ' well - be ' as an accompaniment of seriously ill children to their family at the hospital and home., These moments of respite and comfort through the massage ' welfare ' are an accompaniment Precious on their way to fight the disease.

A little of sweetness that justine for kids likes to give to the children ≺3"

Keep it up!

This must be the sweetest photo of Justine!
I always love her with kids, this is really attracting ants!

10 km des grottes video of Justine:

Un petit mot de Justine rien que pour vous...
Posted by 10 km des grottes on Saturday, 4 April 2015

8. Justine Henin passed by Disneyland
Ju is like a kid, just taller, is Goofy trying to put that large flowers on her head? 
Ju is so cute! I have the top similar to Justine, but I guess it's arather common design

9.  Justine Henin in Dubai
Explanation of the event as below:
"It is in a rather special role Justine Henin will leave soon in the Persian Gulf. Especially because there will be no question of tennis, but public relations. The former World No. 1 is part of the Belgian delegation which will accompany the Princess Astrid during his official trip to this area of the world, from 21 March.
Justine Henin , the site says , will actually charge to promote the company Néobulles , which manufactures soft drinks. It will promote the group's brands, including a wine brand to 0% alcohol, with his CEO and director of its exports."

Video here:
Photos time! Time for some lame captions!  (Below captions are all my own words, none of them represents what the guys actually said)
These two guys are so lucky to have this beauty taking photos with them! Justine standing in model style
Just a funny thought, this guy must be trying to tolerate the itch on his face after Ju's soft hair keeps tickling his face by the wind
Nice radiant look on Justine! She looks energetic!
A "Private Investigator aka PI" in action?
That PI guy is gone!
I'm just admiring Justine's arm's muscles here, looks like she's still keeping fit, lifting some light weights!
Ju:"Let me test my arm's muscles and strength!"
Ju:"Sorry to use too much force in shaking your hand, sir! Are you alright?"
Enough, with the talking, let's have some drinks, shall we?
Guy on the left:"Everyone has a glass of Kidibul, what about me?"
Guy on left: "Well, nvm I'll have a bottle of Kidibul!"
Before drinking, let us cheers to the camera! "PI" are you there?
Guy on the left again:"You know, I would like to have another glass of Kidibul, my hand still hurts, maybe another drink will soothe it."
This is such an artistic photo, taken at such a unique angle, I wonder if the camera man squatted down to take this photo.

As I've said, there will always be some serious Ju in every series of photos:
She looks so serious when you can't see her teeth
Ju looks so superior! It's like she's confronting him saying "What else do you have to say?" and it's funny how this photo coincidentally made this guy looks like he's trying to explain himself to Justine's "confrontation". Hmmm, seems like I've been imagining much?
Serious Ju in full force!!!!
She was all seriousness until this:
Oh smiling Juju, I like! Not sure if it's the lighting or what, she looks to have grey hairs now...but no matter how much she ages, she will always be my number one inspirational idol!

10. Other events:
Club Justine Henin Summer Open Day:
10Km Des Grottes (21 June 2015):


  1. Wow, it looks like I have so much to catch up on!

    It was indeed lovely that Justine and Benoit got married, it's like a finishing touch to know that she's happy relationships wise - even though she has been for a while.Now it's only a matter of time before a 2nd child arrives :) Happy birthday to Lalie, also!

    Some great pics here, especially with the kids and stuffed toys! The Kidibul drink reminds me of the Tao drink Ju also endorsed :)

    I've been well thanks, doing all of the music stuff as usual! Lots of inspirations from all sorts of places and feelings :) How have you been?

  2. Hi Sarah,

    yes, we finally get to see Justine as Mrs Bertuzzo although their Lalie is already 2 years old! I am waiting for her to have another child soon, Lalie will be happy to be a big sister :)

    Yup, I always tend to associate Tao drink with Kidibul too, probably because of Ju haha!

    Nice to hear that you're doing good and continue making nice music with all that inspirations you've gotten! I've been a little busy and lazy as well, as you know, busy + lazy is a disaster combination which leads to procrastination and the dying form of this blog, I will do my best to revive it soon! Let us work hard together, cheers!