Sunday, September 2, 2012

10Km de Lasne ASBL ROMEO photos of Justine

Here's some photos from Justine For Kids-10 Km de Lasne ASBL ROMEO (click on the words to see all of them) Update: Suddenly I checked, the Justine For Kids Facebook page is unavailable! Whatever happened?

Is there a video for this? I tend to ask this question whenever Justine is being interviewed ;-P  
Both Benoit and Justine had a new haircut? Ju now looks like some sort of anime character, very stylish but I miss her long hair...seems to me Justine wants to have short hair forever now
Mr Cute: "How I wish both of us were running! But nvm, watch me, Justine, I'm better than James Bond!" 
Oh they are all wearing the Justine for kids marathon T shirt for this event, nice! Very eye catching!  

I love Justine, yes, because she is always so cute with that smile! I think Mr Benoit looks like Niko Bellic in GTA IV esp. with this hairstyle:
Oops, just joking, Benoit is not that fierce! 

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