Sunday, September 23, 2012

Justine et Anderlecht au chevet d'enfants malades

Oops, I just realised that I haven't posted these photos's like 2 weeks old news...sorry
Apparently, Justine paid a visit to the sick children in...I think a children hospital? Ju is always so kind hearted!
Only Justine and the guy in white are the cutest!!! Sorry to the rest of the guys :P 
Seems like the ladies all can't take their eyes off this hunk for a very long time
except Justine...she only has her eyes for her Mr cute B.B. ^o^
Ju:"Can I join in?"
The guys:"Sure you can, our pleasure!" 
I am amused by the green shirted guy's pose. This photo looks "everything so out of place" with Justine seems to be in her own world while the hunky man was listening to her, the two guys behind looking at them. 
Justine's turn to listen to the guy 
Oh Justine, as much as I am your fan, I have to say that I wish your hair was longer, it would be more beautiful 
What a room for photographs
Smiling Juju, my fav!! There's a camera behind her, now where's the longer version of the video with more Ju in it instead of the 50+secs one?
Is Justine looking at the woman on the right or somewhere else? 
This Justine is looking so cute, yes I know but I don't know what else to say about this photo 
So long as there's Justine, no matter how small she is appearing in the photo, I will still save it and upload here 
Ah, how many more of these in the same room photos? 
I'm running out of boring captions but as long as there's Ju's bright smile ^^ 
Justine, you're looking rather pale, you should eat more and get yourself some tonics? 
Guy:"Hi Justine, how are you?"
Ju:"Good, thanks! But you're squeezing my little hand a little too hard, my body is not that strong, sorry :-P"
Guy:"Ah, my bad, but look at me Justine, I'm a hunk too, I have muscles on my arms as well, hence the strength!"
Ju: (smiles)
I envy Justine's long beautiful lady fingers (no, no, not the vegetable ladyfinger, ok, I'm being lame)  
There are different types of Ju's smile...this one, I would categorize under the "Handsome smile" section 
Does the guy on the left in green always have this pose? I tend to think that he would make a pretty good masseur 
Oh there's always this serious aura from Justine, miss this suave look when she's playing tennis! 
The second serious Ju photo 
Ju:"You know, I look haughty when I lift my head high high, but that's all because you all are so tall to me!" 
The hunk:"And you know, I look humble when I...."
Ju:"Ok, I know, I'm not tall enough, but average height :)" 
Somehow, Justine looked like a wax figure in this photo, as in, she doesn't look real. But if the museum has this smiling wax Justine, I would go and steal her away...oops! 
The grandma on the left:"Handsome lad, Why you no call me?" 
Hunk:"Ummm...I'm sorry Madame, but I don't have your number but here's something in return. A masterpiece of children's art!" 

And the pic of the set is:
The motherly Justine look! 

And here's the video from youtube:
It just flashes Justine smiling though...not much Ju in it

Still wondering how's Justine now? Hope she doesn't have much morning sickness and hope she wears more loose clothing and not tight jeans with belts on. In any case, I pray for her good health! Allez Justine! Miss you!

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