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Just to share: S.Korea trip photos-updated all

Oops, sorry for "neglecting" this blog again..ever since I've started working, I can't find my time to update this blog regularly but that doesn't mean I stopped thinking about Ju ^^

As promised, I will post some of my Korea trip photos just to share the beautiful scenery there :) I only post some of them here because the whole set contains too many photos...Here it goes!

I almost forgot to add these photos:
Look what I've found! "JUJU" bar! Haha, I'm crazy over Juju 
Can you spot it? Justine's name...sorry Justine for writing your name on the wall 
My trademark drawing hahahaha!

Now starting off with the pictures at Jeju:
This was one of the scenery at Jeju, the place where it was rumoured to have the dragon head like rock 
Well, apparently, I failed my art to see it as a dragon head 
If I nv remember wrongly, this was the beach near the halim park or something 
Beautiful isn't it? 
That's not me in the picture, just some random guy 
The halim park 
I took this pic because of the leave-less tree 
Inside the park, they featured some of their old folk village  
The halim park is very big, this is just part of it, it has many different plants 
The autumn feel, loves the colour 
So I did also go to "climb" (the stairs) of a mountain to its summit to view the sunrise. With the super cooling/cold wind blowing and having gone there at the time of 3-4am, I felt like I just got out from a freezer, awaiting for some warm from the sun 
From the top of the view 
It looked like a small island but it's actually quite big! 
The left side of it
This is the mountain that I've climbed 
This was taken at the base of the mountain after the sunrise  
And these are the steps to climb 
The gently steep slope upwards 
An "overview" of the not that high mountain 
There was this little village that sells some freshly made Jeju product like the honey and some mixed ingredients juice (surprisingly nice and refreshing) 
This is the village look
And now we proceed on to the olloc tea museum
Nice fluffy clouds 
The relaxing area around the tea museum  
From the top view, can you see the tea plantation? 
Here's another shot of about the same scenery 
And this place, I forgotten the name, but was the place where I went for the first time in my life, a submarine experience! 
This is the submarine which I've boarded 
The window view inside the submarine 
It will indicate how many meters deep you are now on top 
There's even a scuba diver to attact the fishes across for us to take photos 
The surrounding place of the submarine 
Seriously I dunno what's that structure 
but it glows very beautifully at night... 
I simply love this artistic shot of mine..hahahaha! 
The jeju island seems to have many of these kind of stones..of a granny smiling at you 
In Korea, they seem to play this kind of "low low javelin" throw..maybe can consider as a proposal of a new sport to the Olympic committee? 
The man-made/natural? waterfall with an eerie colour (this is my own opinion)

Part 2 of the korea trip, no more jeju:
Starting off with the"art city" I would call it (because I forgot the place oops!)
Shout out to the little man:"Please don't do anything foolish! Treasure your precious life!" 
Another autumn leaves 
That's so sweet!
Seriously, their painting is good! 
The streets
Even the cafe is so cute! 
Another artistic one 
Their graffiti skills really superb!

Now comes the COEX Aquarium
Oh wait, what's this little furry fellow doing in the aquarium? I thought Aquarium is for fishes and aquatic living things? Oh, actually they do feature monkeys, spider, snakes, cobra, bats, penguins, etc as well!
Nicely preserved fish bones, a little stone age feel 
Can you see it? It's smiling at you, the friendly guy..
But definitely not this guy..this one looks like those creditors/load sharks chasing after you for borrowing from them millions of dollars
And did I say loan...sharks? 
The illuminating jellyfish 
The clown fish or what? 
The sea turtle so big in size

I actually have a lot more of the aquarium pics but too many to post here
so moving on to the night market...hope I didn't remember wrongly, it's at dongdaemun but I could be wrong   since I have such a poor memory
The man-made dancing waterfall 
This is the underground very long walkpath with a forest feel-when you walked further down 
The streets view along the way 
A magnificent building design

I didn't took much photos at (Dongdaemun-to be confirmed) perhaps due to the fact that I was busy looking for clothes to buy? So next up for the photos uploaded will be the Elf Pension
I love this place! I really do! 
Look at the colours combination- the red maple leaves! 
At the entrance, there were these 2 dogs, one named Elf, the other named Prolly 
so beautiful, I just can't help to take more of them 
This is the entrance to the booking of the guesthouses  
These are the guest houses we lived for 2 days 
Ah, autumn is the best! 
More views 
And this handsome doggie...looks like a husky or is it one?

GyeongBokGung, the place where I cracked my phone screen with my heart shattered in pieces sound $$ fly away for repair, but luckily, the beauty of it takes away some pain
This makes a good postcard! 
The place where I dropped my phone on the stony ground 
Nice chilling place, a place for banquet 
A grand palace structure 
Just showing the that a place for the king to sit on?
Another postcard made! 
The Gong is also like a big park..a walk in the park, so relaxing ah!

Hangang river cruise!
While on the cruise, I took this photo with the moon in it shining over the tall tall building 
Even their bridges are so beautiful! 
Yes they have this another man made waterfall coming out from the side of the bridge 
I've taken a video of this beautiful image

We went to the same place a few days later but this time round is at day time for cycling! Yeah, sports for life!
Some scenic view of the place  
This reminds me of the "HDB" in Singapore... = =|| 
The long stretch of road with seemingly no ends, it would take more than 1 day to finish cycling from one end to the other for once in a blue moon cyclist like me? 
While cycling along the way, you can see the city buildings over the other end of the river 
The river is really very huge and long 
The big water square, can play hopscotch on it, just don't get wet! 
Nice beautiful flower bed, are they real? 
There are red leaves here too but not maple leaves 
Look what we have found! This is my love to my family, friends, my sunshine bf and also to Justine =D 
I think this was the cruise we boarded that night

And took a few photos of the King Sejong and Admiral Yi Sun Shin
This is of course the king, he's even featured in the Korean Won notes 
The admiral Yi Sun Shin, really very admirable!  
The front of king sejong view 
The back of king sejong view

Next comes the "Little People Land" I don't know the exact name of the place but everything here is minimized:
Yay, now I've been to Italy! 
And to Sydney too! 
Where is this? Guess...I don't have the answer, I didn't travel enough 
The legend story behind this St. Basil Catheral is simply too cruel to the architect who designed it 
I wonder how they made it until so real like?
Some of these structures, I had no idea originated from where, I didn't really bother to look at the description cos it would take much time to read them all and one by one, mostly I'll forgot anyway
Same for this one too 
What is this?
With the sun glaring, it really does look like it's in Egypt right now 
Statue of Liberty...such freedom to stand anywhere you like in the middle of the ocean/pond

How to keep fit and not overeating in Korea: go for a "Rail Bike"
So what's a rail bike? see the beautiful scenery? 
Seen the railway tracks? It's an old rail tracks, and it would be a waste to not use it for greater healthier use
so, they developed it to a rail bike, which means you can cycle along the tracks while enjoying the beautiful scenery, great idea right? 
The tunnel, it will also play some korean songs inside it 
The canal river or something, simply beautiful! 
Accompanied with the Autumn colours, who doesn't want to ride on it despite being tired and burnt out?
Plantations along the way 
It's a little like back to nature and also good way to exercise!

Now comes the Seoul Tower!
Yes, we took the cable car up there 
Because, I doubt we have any energy left to climb up the stairs again... 
The Seoul Tower  
At the top of the tower, you can overlook the whole city, night view is nicer  
Day view is like that 
There's a pavilion there for ppl to rest their legs who climbed up the stairs? >o<

Lotte World!! The theme park, I think the scary one is the pirate ship rather than the roller coaster..1st time roller coaster, a bit scary, 2nd time, not much feeling liao...but the pirate ship, wow, the rush of adrenalin! Even when seated in the center, already felt the fear, let alone those who seated at either ends of the sides
Took the fake hot air balloon to get an overview of the theme park 
See the fake hot air balloon over there? It's operated by machines 
Monorail is boring though 
The theme is Halloween! 
Ah, I'm too old for this 
A pity I can't get in...have to pay extra to experience the horror, why pay more to traumatize myself ?
see the tall tall building on the left? It is the "bungee jump" where you are seated and moving very high up then suddenly zooooom down...I will nv in my life take bungee jump, I'd rather do sky diving like Ju. Reason: Bungee jump makes you feel like you're gg to die multiple times while sky diving is once at a time you feel like dying, but I tend to think sky diving is more like a bird flying in the sky with risks of course!

Teddy Bear Museum
Cute bear bears!!! 
Leonardo da vinci may cry... 
Lol! Like that also can!
The traditional korean ceremony or something 
Can you identify who they represent? 
China bears? 
I know, his name must be Michael 
Let's get romantic a little, dang dang, dang dang~ 
So joyous feel, husband and wife
Oh the pandas! I love them 
The teddy bear shop 
A musical fountain 
This reminds me of the "Brave" movie which was good! 
Even Elvis was here in bear form

And now some miscellaneous photos:
Hello Kitty Cafe
I'm not a fan of hello kitty but this is cute..can you bear to eat it? 
Even the coffee also has the hello kitty face
Some parts of Korea-a pretty busy street
Interesting houses! 
I took this in a bus while it's moving..
We went to this "Miss Lee" Cafe..
It's full of notes 
But I like the ambiance there
If you ever go to this cafe, spot this paper, yah, I've drawn it with my inartistic ability, oh yes, I've scribbled Justine's name again, sorry Justine sorry! I just can't help it! But I'm not referring that drawing as you, just happen to write your name besides it.
Myeong Dong-packed with ppl 
Same area, busy streets with a lot of shopping centres

The photos below are taken from Trick Eye Museum, too bad most of the photos are taken using my frenz cameras, so I don't have much here:
This is a fake stairs 
3D effect 
You can stand at a position to make it a nice 3D funny effect
I just find this one nice 
And while on the way back on plane...nice shiny moon

That's all I have to share, hope any souls who stumbled upon my blog enjoyed them! Btw, I saw some photos of recent Justine look, good good, gonna update them in my next post =D

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