Saturday, November 17, 2012

Justine's 5 months preggy look and with charity

Great, got this link from FB, thanks for sharing! 
According to the article, it was about an event for fundraising for the fight against cancer and as one of the "godmothers" of the event (I think it means sponsor? I'm not sure though), Justine attended it.

Only post those that have Justine in it:
Long time no see, Justine! She sure does loves this coat of hers! 
I can see that bulging tummy ^^ 
The serious Justine look again, hehehehe <3 
Justine must be one of the skinniest preggy momma ever! 
To be honest, I seriously hope that Justine would be encouraged to wear more loose dresses, maternity wear instead of tight jeans, it would be better for the little one in it, just my own humble opinion

And these 2 photos are from twitter, thank you both for sharing on twitter! According to the twitter updates from various sources, it is a conference/event called "Epsilon 2012", maybe an annual event. And it seems Justine had given an inspirational speech there:
So up close, must be so lucky, just a pity it's a bit blur
The loose belt, lol! Good good, looks like she's doing fine :)

From Chantal tweets, I think Justine talked about her tennis career, experiences, retirement and the life ahead?
  1. "Justine Henin nous raconte comment elle est devenue la championne que l'on connait"
  2. "Justine Hénin Pour réussir il faut apprendre à vivre des défaites et se définir des objectifs atteignables , des étapes"
  3. "Justine Henin : croire en soi, avoir confiance"
  4. "Rechercher le progrès,revenir aux fondamentaux ,repousser les limites , debriefer , visualiser pour gagner JustineHénin"
  5. "Comment arrêter sa carrière et entrer dans une autre lumière Justine Henin"
Translated by google of the sentences above:
  1. "Justine Henin tells us how she became the champion that we know"
  2. "Justine Henin: To succeed we must learn to live defeated and set achievable goals, steps"
  3. "Justine Henin: believe in yourself, have confidence"
  4. "Search progress, back to basics, pushing the limits, debriefing, view to win -JustineHénin"
  5. "How to stop his career and into another light-Justine Henin"
I wish I really am there to listen to her inspiring touching speech but then again, I have yet to learn "bonjour bonjour", I'm still learning driving, one step at a time first with my mono-tasking brain. Take care Justine, miss you alot!


  1. Sorry I haven't been around Chia, been busy as usual but that doesn't mean I don't think about Ju to see how she's going every now and then :) Yeah she only has a small bump and wears clothes that hide it now but I'm sure she will begin to loosen up a little more :)

  2. Thank you Sarah for your comment :) It's alright, I've been busy with work as well so I don't get to update this blog often but I would almost think of Ju everyday, praying that she'll be fine with the little one inside her too! Haha, somehow I don't see a need for her to wear clothing to hide her bulging tummy. She should be proud to be a mum, and that's what she wanted - babies, isn't it? Good luck to you too Sarah, I hope you find enjoyment and success in everything you do! Cheers! :D

  3. My pleasure, thanks for keeping your blog going, I enjoy it a lot :) Me too I've been quite busy, to be honest I didn't think often about Ju
    as I had so much else on my mind, but lately she's come back :) I also pray everything is well with her and the baby! Me neither, but as a rather reserved person it may take a little time for her to show everyone her motherly side :) Thank you so much Chia, l hope so as well as for you too, and wish you all the best!