Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday to Lalie!

Happy Birthday to you, little Lalie! I'm sorry I wasn't as early as I thought to be to wish you a happy birthday but it's still on the 20 March! Time flies! I wonder how you look like now, anyway, here's a virtual cake that I "ordered" from Google images for you, Lalie:

Yes I love pooh bear!

Ju and Benoit: HAppy Birthday, our beautiful princess!


  1. Hello Chia, on your last comment;

    Of course, she continues to do a lot of impressive things that improve the wellbeing of many lives. I just hadn't seem anything about Unicef for a little while, although her involvements with them may be under the radar indeed. I know she is spending a lot of time on her very own projects, which is great.

    Same for me, it would have been nice for her part 2 career to go for a little longer than it did, but it was fate, and time for a new chapter of her life that is really exciting to see unfold with Benoit and Lalie (happy 1st birthday!). You can indeed see the peace between all three of them in the photo you put up :)

    About blogging recently, we all get busy, and I'm happy to see Ju updates whenever you feel like posting them - that's a given, but when time permits is another thing :) Good luck for studying and exams!

    I am doing well thank you, and yes keep in touch with my music (@Roxie_23x on twitter), I plan to release my debut EP in a few months.

    Allez to you, Ju and the family!

    Sarah :)

  2. Hi Sarah, it's true, I also haven't seen much of her news with Unicef and I also wondered how her projects so far, maybe she's keeping it aside first and busy taking care of her Lalie. ;)

    I wished there were more photos of little Lalie, I kept wondering how she would look like now but I understand Justine's wishes for privacy and protection of her family. Maybe in the future when Lalie is older and she thinks it's appropriate for Lalie to appear in public then we get to see more of her. Now, I just wish Justine with peace and joy in the life.

    My exam is more for a certified course which I'm gonna take and which the contents of a chapter is enough to kill 85% of my brain cells. Let's see if Lady luck blessing me on Friday. Allez for everything!

    I have followed you on twitter, Sarah. If you see a pooh bear in your followers, you will find me :) Keep up your faith and good work, not everyone can play with that superb guitar skills like you do. I tried to learn guitar but I realised I don't have music talent. At least I have the "talent" to listen to musics hehehe.