Thursday, March 27, 2014

New news of Justine after so long!

I decided to blog in the near end March again because there's new news of Justine! Thank you Danielle for sharing her news with us fans :)

Here's the news link:

According to the news, it's about Justine attending to Obama's speech of his European tour in Brussels, or something like that. I'm more interested in Justine's photo, hehehe:
Forever so serious...hahaha! I actually missed her serious look on court too. Now looking at this side view look of her, I kinda think actually Lalie also look a bit like her. Especially her lips ( I compared to the only baby photo of Lalie-see previous happy birthday post)

Yeah, the Belgium wonder women mamas together again 
And I'm sure now they have more topics to talk about, at least maternity matters included

I miss you Justine, and bless my exam on Friday (yeah, I'm being random :-P) 
 I read and read and read but none had the permission of entrance by my haughty brain cells. Let's see how much I can do on Friday. 


  1. Hey Chia, good for you to pop this story on the blog!
    Wow, that serious look, it's one we know so well. Interesting to see Ju and Kim together, I do wonder what they talked about, and whether they stay in touch...
    Keep studying!
    Sarah :)

  2. Hello Sarah, yes it's nice to see Justine after a long while. She's looking serious as always ever since she was a child but that's our Juju :)
    They must be talking about children stuff and maybe tennis if possible. Not sure if they keep in contact though, but it's nice to see them happy in life outside of tennis.
    And thanks Sarah, Friday's exam was a brain cells killing exams but I managed to pass, thanks to Lady Luck!

    Allez all the way!