Monday, April 21, 2014

Justine Henin at "35th anniversary of the Beaufays Tennis Club"

What a "surprise" to see new updates by Justine Henin Official Facebook page itself...haha, I guess I'm used to her FB page getting updates like once in a true deep blue moon, just like this blog which I rarely update nowadays, oops!

Anyway, her FB page yesterday posted some photos and a caption "@ Beaufays pour les 35 ans du Tennis Club ;)"

Refer to her page here:

Likewise, I will also post her lovely photos here ;)

Ah they prepared so many autograph cards for Justine and her so many, can spare one for me?

It's always nice to see Justine playing tennis (no matter if she's playing competitive one or training with kids one), even more so when it's on the beautiful red clay.  
Ju sure loves red! And yes, those super flexible fingers of hers again! <3 <3 
I'm sure you must be trying to search for Justine in this photo like me...but I think I spotted her..*hint: the one who turned her head  90 degree to her left

There are more photos here but I will post only those with Ju in it:
Version one
Version Two...Ju still the same expression
Version Three-Addition of one more guy on the left...Ju still same expression
Kid, listen to Juju's tips well as she shows you how to hit a proper forehand
To hit a Ju's forehand, you must have a flexible golf-yoga waist
Ju's eyes never leave the ball eh?
I can see that Ju still possesses those dance steps! Cha cha cha!
Ju looking like a teenager here
That kid is so cute!
If someone photoshopped the racket of hers to a sword, there's a movie potential for Ju to be a new heroine!
I can't think of any lousy lame caption for this one
Ju is serious in everything she does, isn't she? She actually makes a good coach if she allows herself to..
I can foresee Ju in a shampoo commercial advertisement
Ju:"Come to me, tennis ball, my hands are itchy now, so let me hit a backhand volley!"
Ju is a kids magnet! Those kids sneaked up behind to besides her
and have a photograph with NSEW hot magnet 
Soon, the magnet power increases and attracts more and more kids.. 
Even the adults and Kidibul's iconic crocodile(I think) got around Justine 
more and more...
So much so that it's time for a good photograph taking session!
What is Justine looking at up there? Is it a bird? A plane? or a superman?
Ok, now more and more ppl looking upwards, must be the tennis goddess has arrived...who? Answer below:
Of course it's me lah!
guy:"Hi Justine, can you later show me on the court your golf-yoga forehand stroke?"
ppl, please queue up, there's no rush as all of you will get the chance to receive Juju's autograph! I also want...
Ju could be thinking:"I'm getting dehydrated under this hot sun, oh tennis goddess, will you please give me more water?"
Tennis goddess:"Your wish shall be granted!" And there's men loading up the cans of Kidibul drinks for all of them
I will bring an enlarged tennis ball, shirts, rackets cover for you to sign them all!
Ju:"No prob, I'll sign them all, just bring more cans of Kidibul for me" 
The ladies in red! Wah, this little girl is very pro to get such a big jumbo tennis ball! 

Ok, finally finished all the lame photos captions, sorry if it offends anyone, just take a break, have a kitkat, sit back and relax! It's been a long time since I had posted such a long post, still quite enjoyable so long as it's our lovely Ju! Ok, off to bed now, good night!


  1. Thanks for the pics Chia! I have a hoodie like Justine's lol, I want to meet her :) Always nice to see her on the court, I wonder what she'd be like now if someone were to challenge her to a rally? I guess I'll never let go of tennis nostalgia hehe :P You can take the girl out of the game but not the game out of the girl, or should I say tennis goddess like in the picture you put!

  2. Hi Sarah, what a nice saying of "You can take the girl out of the game but not the game out of the girl"! Justine probably still have the superb skills but not enough strength and stamina for a grueling long rally. If the opponent doesn't hit as hard as the WS, then should've no prob but not sure if Ju's footwork still as fast as before. I still miss her tennis sometimes and watching back her old videos, I want to meet her too!

    I still don't know how to play tennis though, so the only nostalgia I had was of Ju's tennis. I've watched Wawrinka's backhand shots against Nadal's in AO but still not as "beautiful" as Ju's. Maybe I'm biased and also used to Justine's way of hitting her fabulous backhand. :P

  3. Hey Chia,

    Thanks! Yeah, I think she'd still have the footwork and tennis player mind in her :) Perhaps she won't be as fast or hit the ball as hard as she used to, but that's understandable!

    She'd beat her opponent artistically :) Damn, creative tennis... where did it go? I think Ju took it with her from the WTA lol, although at least Roger Federer's still keeping it alive for the men's! Who knows for how much longer though. Indeed, at least Wawrinka's backhand is one handed (yay) but its not the same. I think Justine's backhand gives Fed a real run for his money... from what I've seen, she hardly ever hit the ball with her racquet frame compared to how many times he has!

    I really have to watch her landmark matches like against Myskina at Athens! Can't believe I haven't seen them in full yet :P

  4. Hi Sarah,

    haha probably Ju really took that artistic element with her from WTA...that's kinda sad as well when the younger generation just wants a quicker success through pure power, but can they overpower the god gifted bodies of William sisters? I wish the younger players would learn from Ju that it takes a lot of hard work to train their skills and relying on power alone is not the answer to win.

    I agree that Stan's backhand is not the same, I watched his backhand, although powerful enough but I honestly don't find the beauty in it. I prefer Roger's and Ju's. Ju's backhand and Roger's backhand are comparable in certain ways, there's even a youtube video comparing their backhands, if we don't count the strength of Men is stronger than Women, then I think Ju's backhand definitely will give Fed a marathon run for his $$$$ hahahah!

    You should try watching that Olympics SF! It's amazing how Ju managed to come back from a 1-5 or 2-5 deficit to win in the end...I feel sorry for Myskina though but it only shows how strong Ju's fighting spirit was and to think that she had suffered dunno wad (the name's too complicated for me to remember) virus before and had just recovered from it.