Sunday, February 3, 2013

Justine Winners' Circle pics-Tennis night at Forest National Brussels

Sorry for not posting for so long many things to to do and only weekend available for me to blog comfortably.

Well, since Justine is now resting at home rubbing her tummy, I shall continue posting the photos from the gallery of her "past Justine 4 kids association" which is also known as Justine Winners' Circle (JWC) .

See, I have not broken my promise to upload her photos from JWC although I almost did (due to laziness and short term memory which requires brain cells re-fusing again)

So here is the 5th photo gallery of Justine Winners' Circle, the previous 4, you can view them by clicking on the tag labelled with "Justine Winners' Circle." at the end of this blog.

                                    Tennis night at Forest National Brussels:
I miss Justine's long golden hair... 
And with her holding a racket and a tennis ball... 
But so long as she's happy now, even if she no longer playing tennis, I still am happy for her, because it's her smile that matters :) 
Ju loves kids! Hi-5 if you think so!
She is such a cute and cool motherly Juju! 
The funny Yannick Noah was there too!  
I think I lol b4 at this photo...look at her big eyes staring off into space  
Ju looking so youthful here although she's still is now sometimes when looking at her photos. She certainly matured for sure but the same cuteness remains forever! 
Why was Justine's face so red? 
Beautiful Justine! I actually love her hairstyle here! And if I said that b4, it means my opinions of her hasn't changed, and so is my crazy obsession of her, oops!

Gimme that book!  
Everyone can play tennis..don't let any set backs bring you down to achieving more than you could imagine
Let me Justine signing her autograph on that kid's shirt? 

Hope I could blog more frequently next time...but upcoming there's a chinese new year, hmmm....I will try to squeeze some time to blog. Love Justine!!!

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