Saturday, February 23, 2013

A New Musical Hall show

Oops, totally missed out this one posted on Justine's official facebook page...weird, she didn't update her twitter with it (thought her facebook and twitter are always linked)

Anyway, Justine is all out to support her choreographer friend Joelle Morane for the show "A New Muscial Hall".

Let me copy this image here from Juju's facebook:
I think it's another charity show which involves professionals kids and adults performing at their best for you ^^

Remember Justine did a dance for charity b4?
And here's the "Make A Wish" encore version of Justine's dance, and you can see the talented kids and dancers as well:

Cute and relaxing, isn't it? I agree with Justine that it's a brilliant way to spend your day with family by watching this kind of shows. Lots of fun-filled performances awaiting for your eyes to experience them! Book this date->21 April 2013

A pity I don't live in Belgium nor any place near Belgium to feed my eyes with such "delicacies" :P

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