Tuesday, June 18, 2013

BRB...Quick updates...

I'll be right back soon...in the meanwhile, go check out Justine's new website layout! http://www.justine-henin.be/ Personally, I still like the old website because it looks so cool and a lot of flash plugins. This new layout more of a static one rather than dynamic one but at least, she's still keep her website updated!

Previously, Justine had tweeted about her diaries at Roland Garros. Yeah she went there this year too as a commentator for the later matches of the tournament. Check out this site for all of her diaries in french:

Regarding her news in RG, here are the links to some news articles on her...in french again:

And to see the latest videos of Justine, here is the playlist of Justine Henin - 10 ans déja! :

Check out this facebook page of her sports shop in her club too-La Boutique Tennis Club Justine Henin:
I will also link this page on my blog


1. 10Km des grottes - Justine For Kids Charity Run on 23 June. More info on www.justineforkids.be and https://www.facebook.com/pages/10-km-des-grottes/136586013179846?fref=ts

2. Justine Henin Junior Cup-ITF event on 8 July 2013

3. Justine Henin Senior Cup-ITF event on 26 Aug 2013 (need more updates on the date and info)

Try go to rtbf website and search for "Justine Henin", you will find a lot of videos treasures on Justine ^^

Ok, I gtg and sleep now, the weather is bad, very bad! Singapore is full of burning smell and the haze...take care everyone, hope I don't fall sick!

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