Tuesday, June 25, 2013

JFK-10km des grottes

So on Sunday, this meaningful event was successfully carried out and Justine posted on facebook to thank all those who made this event a great success!

I've found some news links here which also have photos in them:

According to lavenir news article, Justine did not participate in the jog as promised because her body is still slowly recovering from her childbirth. So maybe next year, she's gonna run? Anyway, she did make her presence there to encourage the participants, and so, the ppl were still lucky enough to have the chance of a photo with her :)

The 10Km des grottes facebook page also posted an album of this event, seems like a fun & well organised one:

Let me selectively post those photos that have Justine in it on this blog:
Mama Ju is still "like a boss"! 
Justine doing her best she could to help the needy children, that's what I liked about Ju, simple and down to earth with a heart of gold 
Justine presenting the awards? Bravo and Congrats the winner!
And she loves kids as always! Bravo and Congrats to them all! 
I spotted you, Justine! 
I can foresee in the future, Mama Ju with Lalie side by side, so sweet!
Justine spotted standing aside, preparing to encourage the runners/joggers! 
Be proud of yourselves, all of you! You have done well! 
Justine For Kids
The focus becomes on the girl wearing pink, Justine, takes off your jacket hehe
 Justine probably standing there, shouting her words of encouragement: "Come on, you can do it! Allez! Allez! Allez!" 
Think the guy besides her is from the belgian media. I remember seeing his face in the cycling event (forgotten the name of the event), that Justine participated in. 
And this guy on the extreme right also looks familiar, ah I remember he's the Andelecht hunk who also visited the sick children with Justine: http://justineheninluv.blogspot.sg/2012/09/justine-et-anderlecht-au-chevet.html 
Justine looks so happy to see this event a success despite the weather (I think it also rained???), I am too, to see her happy face
I'm not sure if Justine plans to have this hairstyle forever, sure it's easy to manage since it's short and feels so much more "carefree" but when the wind blows...but who am I with a bird nest fern hair to judge? Sorry, my "bad fan of Justine symptoms" reappears...
I still can't believe she's a mum now...still looking like a teenager sometimes, the forever youthful Ju in my heart! 

I'll see if there's more news and videos and photos of this event to be updated here, as for now, just enjoy these beautiful photos of Justine and drools!

Btw, how's Lalie and Mr Bertuzzo? I'm supposing he is at home looking after little cute Lalie, his "Mini-me"? I hope all of them are fine and happy, so fighting the urge to imagine how Lalie looks like now. Justine, I miss you!

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