Saturday, June 29, 2013

Bye Bye Roland Garros Videos on Youtube, many "thanks" to FFT

Bad news, many of Justine's videos especially matches of Roland Garros which I've uploaded, are no longer be available to watch on Youtube, all thanks to this "FFT"!

Seriously, wtf selfishness is up with them? Justine is retired, the matches are all past matches, some even dated years back to 2003, I ain't uploading these videos for commercial purposes nor earning any money with them. All I simply wanted is to share these videos with tennis fans worldwide and you throw me this copyright thing and blocked it worldwide? Youtube has defeated its purpose of the joy of sharing. Any particular thing such as a small portion of music by some artist appearing in your tennis video can result in your whole video being blocked in many countries. 

Time to change from youtube channel to other videos channel to upload Ju's matches? It's gonna making me super time wasting and tired uploading one by one...shit it! I seriously hate you, youtube, as an uploader! 

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