Sunday, September 1, 2013

Justine Henin supports the Red Devils ... in kilts! (Google translated title)

Some news on Justine again! Thank you once again to Danielle for the news links (translation of the article after the video):

Here's the video I've stolen (I admitted that) and uploaded onto youtube:
I like this video, though Justine is like a "stick" as always, maybe her body is a fats burning machine...well I really have to take my hats off to Justine, look at how pro she is in ball kicking. The only special thing I've ever tried kicking a ball is with my slippers on, but look at Justine-she's on complete new level with high heels! And the best number of continuous kicks I could get is 3-4, Justine...ever consider a new career in Soccer? Oh and I love her *eleven claps* Belgium!

Here's Danielle's English translation of the article:
Justine Henin supports the Red Devils in kilt!
ON-LINE WRITING on Thursday, August 29th, 2013 at 5:38 pm

RED DEVILS Thanks to Belgacom, win a VIP journey for two persons in Glasgow. And, as Justine, you can support the Red Devils in black kilt there - yellow - red!
It is not any more a secret, because the tension rises from day to day, on September 6th of this year the Red Devils will play in the Scotland a new major match for the World cup.

To celebrate the event, Belgacom and Inbev joins to distribute on the spot 4000 kits red yellow black.

Present in the village of the Red Devils (more than 6000 Belgians are expected), Belgacom will supply a free WiFi access to supporters so that they can post their photos on Facebook and so share the atmosphere with the rest of the troops stayed in the country.

To encourage our national team, numerous Belgian personalities wanted to bring their support for the Devils. Justine Henin, Sandra Kim, Sven Nys, wear the kilt and testify of their sympathy.

Furthermore, a VIP journey for 2 persons is to gain as well as other gadgets Red Devils (watches, comic strips, key ring). How? Nothing more simple, it is enough to play the competition and to guess Justine Henin's forecast and number of participants in the competition.

You will be lucky enough then maybe to go to attend the live match.

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