Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Recent Photos of Ju-Kidibul and Club Team Building

Some recent photos of Justine which I've gotten from facebook. One album is "Coupe Kidibul" uploaded by David Goffin and the other is "Club Justine Henin and  Academy Team Building" uploaded by Justine Henin Academy of course! There are also photos of "Summer Camp Clinic with Ju" but I didn't upload here. Pls go here and here to check it out, adorable kids and adorable Justine =)

The below photos are resized to fit in this small little blog. Can click on the photo itself for actual resolution. I will upload mostly those with petite Juju inside.

Ok, which one first? I think I shall start with the older event one which is (drum rolls....ok, forget it)- Tada! Coupe Kidibul!

*Warning! Ignore the boring lame captions, if you want a nice peaceful beautiful day with no craps, enjoy!*
Is Kidibul's lucky creature, a crocodile or? Anyway, all of them are cute, yes very cute! Handsome Goffin has a baby face, hehe...
I'm sorry handsome David, my attention was diverted towards that beautiful little lady behind you, who was surrounded by beautiful children!
As the saying goes..."No matter how Justine's face has been blocked (in this case, the tennis racket), you can't hide her beauty inside out!" Ok, now you're wondering who said that...well it's said by a bad lame fan of Juju in the name of "Chia S.T." Pls do not go figure who this case your murder instinct gets triggered
So this is the awards ceremony or gift giving ceremony?
The kid is happy with the tasty drink he gets! Juju looks like she wanna gets a taste of that drink too!
Wait, I saw this guy he's someone related to Kidibul? Or is he the director of Kidibul? Anyway, thanks for the support to Justine, David and the kids!
Heh...same smile~ just like this (^_^)
haha looks like Ju and David doesn't practise any synchronization at all. Comparing to the previous photo, Justine was clapping her hands while David was folding his arms. A complete contrast to this photo where it was the reverse. 

Ok that's all for the happy Kidibul event. Now comes the happy team bonding for Club and Academy of Justine Henin:
It's a small group of ppl but the joy is immense and the bond is strong!
First the briefing...I believe is all about the safety checking and the rules of the Juju pls
And then off they go! Juju is doing the harness check?
Ah~ reminds me of my secondary school adventure camp and man, I love it! Judging by looking at this photo, I'm assuming, Justine is trying to bring that "bicycle?" towards her and ride it across the wooden board.
Time to unleash the kiddy inner self. Let's play! ~Whoosh-Not. Our juju is cautiously sliding down while holding onto the rope.
Time for a cheeky pose! Ah, I miss the tongue sticking out photos of Justine (last time was on a tennis court), super CUTE!!!
And they end the day with a group postcard or something as a souvenir
In case you're wondering why I post this photo, it's pretty obvious because there's Justine in it, or should I say, there's Justine's arm in it. Preparing for dinner? 
Motherly Juju "strikes" again! Hmmm, perhaps Justine, you need a bigger knife in cutting the meat? I would feel very honored to get to taste your cooking. Don't worry, I'm no culinary expert, so I won't comment anything, so Ju, would you mind FedEx or DHL me the dishes that you've cook? Expiry date will take into consideration later...

So that's the end of all the photos I wanna post and all the crappy captions I've managed to come up with. Anyone really has read them all? If so....I would like to ask, "How's your day?"


  1. Hey Chia,
    Hope all's well!
    I'm so glad you're still posting, I've probably said this before but whenever I think of Ju I always check here to see how she is :) I don't know about you, but recently I feel she's starting to look more like she did a few years ago, like more feminine which is nice. It looks like her hair in the photos on court is lighter, I would love to see her blonde again haha :)

  2. Hi Sarah, thanks for visiting! Haha! There's some more news on Ju but I have been lazy as usual to update about her. I'd like to update but the videos are youtube videos which I have no access to, at work. Maybe I'll update at home.

    Haha Ju, I must admit that I think when she's on court, she ain't any feminine at all..sorry Justine, but that's how I get to see your lovely handsome tennis!
    Off court though, she's getting more and more motherly, look at her cutting the meat, I can picture mama Ju cooking for her family :)
    Ju's hair colour is naturally brownish-black I think. Though I also think Justine loves to dye or highlight her hair.