Friday, September 6, 2013

The journal of Justine

As any Ju's fan would know, Ju had this journal that contains her thoughts on the Grand Slams this year. She didn't really publicizes it during the US Open but out of curiosity, I still go back and check it out. To my surprise, she did update it!

It's in French though...(still in the process of learning French-need help with Google translator for her journal entries)

Anyway, here's her 5/9/2013 journal (translated in English using google translator):
There's still some part not translated well, but I think it's understandable :-)
Hi everyone, 

I'm really happy with the qualification Richard Gasquet for half finales.J 'love David Ferrer but it's true that this kind of victory is a huge change in the career that has français.Lui reputation of being physically and mentally he is now proving that he grew quite fragile in these areas ... which are also closely related. When you feel physically strong you feel stronger in automatically tête.Les fears wane at many levels when we know that it is capable of holding a long match intense.Gasquet fought like a lion to beat Raonic in 5 sets to turn précédent.Alors when he found himself cornered 5th set counter Ferrer knew he was now able to handle this kind of situation and to impose on finish.Cela called confidence and it is so capital ... believe in yourself and your attitude rêves.Son , the way he walks were well différentes.ll the French had the upper head and sends a strong message to his adversaires.Cela will suffice may not face Rafa impressive but it is a very important development in his career. 
Nadal just I still want to evoke the admiration I have for him. Such intensity and concentration which once again in his quarter-final against Robredo! He does not let anything, it is jamais.Et in training that puts it all in site.Each ball is played thoroughly so it causes the brain to be alert permanent.Cela impresses me a lot and reminds me of my physical trainer Pat Etcheberry who always told me "This is the workout tournaments Grand Chelem.Plus we earn we train harder and it will be easy match." He was right. ... 
Today superb program with 2 quarterfinals men passionnants.Ce ahead will be difficult for Youzhny against Djokovic but he has nothing to lose russe.Quand Wawrinka to face Murray it will be quite a physical fight and a very Swiss tactique.Le duel plays tennis exceptional in this tournament and could create a surprise if Murray does not raise his game significantly. 

I can not wait to look at it anyway and find yourself tomorrow to debrief! 

Beautiful evening to all. 


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