Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy CNY!!!

Happy Chinese New Year to all the Chinese and the ppl who are celebrating it as well! I hereby wishing all of you to have your realistic dreams coming true and stay happy always!!!

I'm off from blogging until next week or so, maybe earlier, now celebrating CNY :)

Here, I purposely chosen Justine in Red to celebrate CNY with me & you ^^
The smart and beautiful Ju
Lovely Juju, yes!


  1. Thanks for the pic!
    With AO in progress, especially miss Justine....
    Happy new year

  2. Hi Jo, yes, I can't bear to watch AO without Justine...I ain't watching a single match of the women's tennis, for the men too but I intend to watch only the men tennis for the SF and F. Happy New Year to you!