Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Randomness (Songs songs!)

Hello all, sorry if it seems that this blog becoming a "weekly" blog,  lol! My flu has recovered, Allez! And tmr I'm gg for an interview, god wish me luck pls!

Anyway, though I haven't been blogging recently, I nv had a day without missing Justine, she is just too special to be forgotten. Using Celine's song again to say to Ju: Je ne vous oublie pas, non, Jamais!

Speaking of Celine Dion, I know she's one of Justine's fav singers. Actually b4 knowing Justine, I already liked Celine's voice but I admit because of Justine, I tried to listen to her french songs and I loved her french songs more than her English songs. The list below are her songs which I kept listening to, including English one:

  • A New Day Has Come (acoustic and normal version)
  • My Heart Will Go On (The famous Titanic soundtrack)
  • The Power Of Love
  • Je Ne Vous Oublie Pas
  • Pour Que Tu M'aimes Encore
  • S'il Suffisait D'aimer
  • Les Paradis
  • Immensite
  • Femme Comme Chacune (Happy energetic feel)
  • Destin
  • Et Je t'aime Encore
  • Tout L'or Des Hommes
There are more which I haven't get to explore and listen to but I'm stuck with the above songs, I wonder if Justine has the same "taste" as mine? 

And Justine, I don't mind if you launch a singing career as well. True enough you may not have the variable vocal length that Celine has but you have a nice unique attractive voice which I loved. 

Sorry if today's topic has very little to do with Justine but in fact it's because of Justine I get to listen to beautiful French songs! I enjoy all kinds of music if I find them nice to listen to for me, no matter the language, genre. 

Anyway this picture I got from the Facebook group (hope they dun mind me posting it here):
See how happy Ju is when she sings! =D 
I want to hear you sing, Juju! I love singing too, it's a form of de-stressing and entertainment, though I hope there's no negative effects on others whenever I sing...for e.g. insomnia, anger, sickness...


  1. Good you are better, and also good luck for your interview! As each day of the Aus Open rolls by, I keep seeing what is missing in tennis now that Justine's off the tour. Only Federer keeps artistic tennis going right now. Ju's actually quite good at singing with the experience she has, the fact she was brave enough to do so is something! Nice pic of Justine singing :)

  2. Thanks Sarah! Yes I super miss Justine right now and even my uncle also said that Federer is an artist on court! He is just like Justine who plays artistic tennis.

    And for Justine, I tend to think that she is a bathroom singer ;) I just love her sexy voice, so enchanting!