Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy Holiday Ju!

Heard from Danielle that Justine is now on holiday :) Have a safe and enjoyable trip, Justine! The weather's still cold, wear more clothings for your skinny body Ju!

I think it's alright if Ju ever wears like this:

And I think I'm not biased to say that Ju looks cuter in eskimo wear than this cartoon!

Will be back to blog soon...


  1. That's cool news, hope Justine has a great holiday! Haha im not biased either in agreeing with you xD The Australian open ads are coming on tv here, there's footage of a great drop shot by Justine on some of them, it makes me feel proud of her :)

  2. Yup, I wonder what she does for holiday..sight seeing maybe?
    Wanna see Ju wears eskimo wear, will be super kawaii!

    Oh, AO ads have Ju in it? It makes me feel a little sad and nostalgic, so wanna see Ju plays tennis again but stupid fall made our dreams crushed! =S