Saturday, January 28, 2012

AO 2012 & a hectic week

So many things happened within these 2 weeks, I can't even say for sure if it's good more than the bad or the other way round. One thing for certain is, there have been unhappiness involved but as well as joys too.

Anyway, just saw the scoreline of AO 2012 women's final. A crushing defeat for Maria, but I can't say much on what really happened to her. I didn't watch the match, somehow I am not really surprised although a "wtf" in the first place. What I meant is that the current women tennis is sort of "hectic" situation, anything can happen.

And I did watch the men's SF. Sort of feeling sorry that Murray lost, nothing against Novak but somehow I just wanted Murray to win since up till now I believe he hasn't won a GS and he certainly has the capability to win one. It was an exciting match nonetheless, watching some wonderful rallies, although I felt there's something missing-> I need to see more of net games and volleys. Federer although lost, I still loved his game, his style is so much like Justine. He's not afraid to go up to the net and attempting drop shots even when facing critical points, I wish I could see more of that in tennis.

Good effort by all the top four men and hereby to congrats Azarenka for the championship!

Allow me to continue my obsession in Justine here through pictures, her AO 2004 memories:
That moment when she won her only AO which I missed it
Lifting the trophy high and proud
A success that will forever be remembered~
The regret in me for not knowing you your first career
I will never get the chance to witness with my own eyes the moment you lifted a GS trophy :'(


  1. hello...
    i watched the women's final. vika won with style. once an emotional headcase, held up firm and tall against kim in the semi and against pova in the final. got the edge. and what i like is that she had a little bit of variety that other players may not display. so i hope she will continue her maiden path to a bright future.

    justine justine, how i miss you. but... you were always on top of her game.

  2. hihi, oh is that so? I didn't really know how well Vika played. I am only glad that she won the SF :P
    If she's playing with style, then I am even more glad to know that and hopes she can continue her success!!!

    Indeed, I miss Justine's domination in tennis with style too!