Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Some handsome sporting Ju pics to share

I know this has been posted on the facebook group b4 and 2 of them have been posted here b4 too, but I'd like to share it here with any souls who haven't seen the handsome Justine yet. Thank you Danielle for these picture treasures on FB and also thank you to the whoever photographer who took these suave pics of Ju!

This Justine looked scared....but forcefully managing a smile? 
Now this is the more brave Justine, and handsome looking too! 
hehehe, cute!!! I wonder if her fringes affect her visual, but she's not the biker only a passenger, so just enjoy the breeze~ 
Super red wonder woman suit with a big helmet! Must feel warm wearing it! 
Nervous Justine looking around, examining any possible dangers 
Somehow I find this pic cute! Maybe I'm a weirdo but Ju looked super "little woman" in this pic <3 
Fun fun? I wanna try riding on a a passenger! 
Is this getting on the bike or getting off the bike?  
Justine contagious smile attack is here again! Luv it!

And so I'm glad to see the handsome beautiful Ju again in pictures and hope to see them more coming! Justine, pls tweet more too! 

And yes, I've drooled. 

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