Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Justine Winners' Circle pics-Kids Tennis Clinic at the Womens Tennis Trophy

Ooh lala! After months of rotting at home, I'm finally gg back to work on Thurs! Excited yet afraid at the same time. Anyway, I will just walk one step at a time and see how it goes, hopefully everything's goes well!

As promised weeks ago, here's the 2nd batch of her Justine Winners' Circle pics. And I've heard that Justine For Kids Foundation had been passed on to Ju's sister Sarah to take care of it. And I can see that there's a fresh new look for the site as well: http://www.justineforkids.be/ (but it's not totally completed yet). So this time round, it's the Kids Tennis Clinic at the Womens Tennis Trophy -Charleroi (BE) pics:
The big kid Ju and the small kids, Ju blend in well as a little girl here, hehehe 
I want that book, I want that book, I want x 10000000! 
Oh finally looking at the camera! 
Is she going to give that book to him, her? The kids are gonna "compete" to get it...at least that's what the evil me would do 
I wondered what are the contents inside that book, French? English? 
I dunno if it's just me or what but I think the guy on the left front, looked like he's kneeling down on the floor, the camera angle and the frame size of the picture made me see him as that, sorry!

I still have 6 more albums of Justine Winners' Circle past photos. Luckily I got them b4 the site was down forever! Just like how lucky I am to download most of her videos from Rottweily's site b4 that site was closed down and also Megaupload down forever, thank god for still giving me the chance to enjoy Ju's tennis even if it's already in the past.
From what I see, the current WTA ain't getting any much better even if it's improving..so Ju's tennis is like Sapphire, Ruby, Topez, Emerald, etc here->http://www.gemselect.com/gemstone-types.php


  1. I have that book, its indeed a beautiful book! The title is "Belles de Match", and its in french. Its about the Best Belgian tennis with Justine and Kim in the magic year 2003. A lots of photos from Justine, and also from Kim, all on glance paper. I have a link for you so that you can have a view inside even without having the book ;) http://www.reporters.be/books/show/1

  2. Thank you Ilse for the link!!! It's indeed a very beautiful book, and I'm again drooling at all the pics of Justine :P