Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Information about Justine Henin Academy

I realised that they had made a new domain url as: http://www.justineheninacademy.com, however this is just a page from its old clubjustinehenin.be. I wonder if they know that the facebook page of Justine Henin Academy, their site url was put as http://www.justineheninacademy forgetting to put the ".com" behind.

Anyway, I'm thinking that the new site is still under construction but while waiting, they put up a members section page from the old site as a temporary content for the new site while working for its full completion. Of course, all these are my own speculations. I hope their sites (both the 6th sense and the academy site) do get updated often, not only updates in facebook.

I also wished Justine's academies to be of great successes and already there are many potential players at her club. Wishing them successes too in their tennis career! Best of luck to all of you!

Anyway, here's the full urls list about Justine Henin Academy:

Website: http://www.justineheninacademy.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/JustineHeninAc
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Justine-Henin-Academy/190494534378878

For more urls list of her academies, please go to the page Justine's 6th Sense Academies at the top of this blog.

Extracted from the facebook page:

Justine Henin Academy
It was in 2007 that Justine Henin decided to create the Justine Henin Tennis Academy. After a career of remarkable professional tennis player, Justine Henin wanted to share his experience through the human values that have guided throughout these years in the high-level sport.
In order to meet this goal, she's assisted by a team of experimented coaches who share her quality standards, her vision and her core values.

The philosophy at Justine Henin academy

The essential mission of the Academy is to support, guide and help the development of the players regardless of their age, level or plans. Passionate about tennis from a young age, Justine Henin also hope to transfer her love of the game. The level and ambitions of each person are unimportant, the Justine Henin Academy holds to the notion that enjoyment on the court must be present.
The philosophy of the academy is based on the motto that performance can only be achieved if it is not pursued as a goal in itself. The results of any activity are essentially dependent on a mindset.
This mindset is based on bringing out the best out of any player in any circumstances, whether practicing or during a competition. This way of living will naturally diffuse to all daily activities well beyond the tennis courts.
In order to reach the best of his own resources, each individual must spend his energy on what he masters most. Results, however, remain unpredictable. The only manageable parameter of performance is the aptitude to deliver his best effort on the D-Day.
- Training program for players wanting become professional (-12, -14, -18);
- Training program for players wanting to become a tennis coach;
- Training program for players wanting to obtain a scholarship in a American university;
- Training program for professional player;
- Individualized training program;
- Weelky training program with boarding or not boarding;
- Monthly training program with boarding or not boarding;
- 10 or 15 weeks package training program per year not boarding;
- Full time training program with boarding or not boarding.
+32 10435603


  1. The site is under construction, there is coming a brand new one ;)

  2. Yup, I can see that they are undergoing construction for the new site, it looks very clean and stylish, can't wait for it to be fully done! Allez!