Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Next post to be the pics of Ju's winners' circle

I will be back to blogging soon and will post all her pictures of her past "Justine 4 Kids" formerly known as  "Justine's Winners' Circle" aka "20 coeurs de justine" pictures. Since the link for that site is already broken and the gallery (last time still can access) also couldn't be viewed already. Just to share the pics only...

I will divide it by parts, since there will be alot of pictures...and meanwhile, I'm slowly uploading the matches of Justine on youtube. Be patience with me, my network bandwidth is limited and slow.

So I see, there's some old videos and a upcoming one of Justine on rtbf site. But damn it, I dunno why my network sux or my ISP got some problem (last time no problem de), I just couldn't get into the site. I used proxy to manage to get into the site but couldn't view the videos...wtf? And I could access other belgium websites like sporza and dh.be, etc...but not rtbf. Sad leh...looks like I have alot to lose for, can't watch cute Juju...Arghhh! Will try it again sometime later...pray pray pray, and yeah sorry I'm crazy~

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