Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hep Taxi! Justine Henin (Video)

Thank you my dear for helping me to solve the network problem, which turns out to be my proxy settings wrong. Thank you!!! Now I can surf rtbf site without any hassle and I managed to download the video and now uploaded it onto youtube (hopefully they won't take it down) and share with those who can't view it due to geographical reasons (the video also blocked my country Singapore, but I used Greeny's method & manage to get that video, thank you too Greeny!)

Here's the video to share:
And here's some of the screen captures of beautiful lovely Justine!!! 
Justine looks so beautiful!!! Whoever said she looked ugly must really go and glare at the sun with naked eyes for more than 30min. 
Did she see a naked man outside that shocked her? Just joking but this expression is priceless
Cute cute Justine laughing! I really love to see her laugh like this ^o^ 
The smile of Justine that looks like she's suppressing the laughter 
And the serious Ju..I love her side view! 
Looking so somber.. 
What? Haha I love her big eyes! 
Really really really love her side view even though the front already very charming!!! 
Yes finally a smile from the side view!

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